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Contact: Andrew Holman
Address: 12120 US HIGHWAY 10 E Missoula, MT,
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About Us
We are a worker-owned cooperative home grown in Missoula, MT. We focus our endeavors to be as sustainable as possible. All of our cardboard comes out of the waste stream and so does our glass! We use Bayern's eco-league to source our bottles and keep this valuable resource out of the landfill. With your help we can extend Missoula's Landfill by a lot!

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We aren't certified organic, but the majority of the products we use are. The farms that produce the fruits that aren't certified organic are at least moving in that direction. We are proud to be raising the bar of what is expected out of value-added producers in our town. We are grateful for the opportunity to live our passion of bringing you quality probiotics to help you live a vibrant healthy life.

Much gratitude,
-The Booch Crew