Contact: Catherine Schuck
Address: 5701 Swanson Lane Bonner, MT, 59823
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Phone: 406-218-2176
About Us
I live off the grid, on a ridge above Potomac, Montana, at 5100 feet. We have a half section, so I am fortunate to have ample space to carefully harvest a small portion of the abundant medicinal wild plants here. We garden organically and I harvest some plants from my garden. Last summer I infused 30 gallons of concentrated arnica oil!!!
As medicinal plants bloom, I harvest the flowers of many, conscientiously, being sure there are plenty of flowers in each spot to reseed.
The plants are laid out on mats on our dining room table with southern sun to thoroughly dry. Then I take organic olive oil and infuse plants either in gallon jars for over 8 weeks or for 24 hours in my regulated heated infuser.
Once the oil is well infused, I seperate the plant matter and work further with the oil, adding a ratio of Montana beeswax.
Pouring the ingredients into sterilized containers of different sizes, I add my MT sticker and label to present to you.

I wish I could send you some photos of my process!!